Five Secrets Women Desperately Want In Bed

September 13, 2016 17:41
Five Secrets Women Desperately Want In Bed

Women are the human beings, who are extremely hard to understand. They will hardly tell what thy really want from you in your regular or sexual life. Their men needs to understand them and need to act accordingly. As far as sex is concerned, women want sex, need sex as much as men do. To please a woman in bed, you need to know what your partner really wants from you.

Here are few things that a woman desperately needs from her partner in bed. While there are many other things that a woman want in bed, these are a secret things which desperately want in bed.

1.She wants you to go hard
It is a well-known fact that women actually likes rough sex and they want their partners to go hard on them. Every women likes little aggressiveness in bed. However, there should be a difference between rough sex and torture.

2.…And to speak dirty
Having a dirty talk with your female partner while having sex is preferable by almost every women. Experts say that it brings that required kinky feeling in women’s body and they enjoy sex after it.

3.Being treated like a prostitute
While it can be a woman’s fantasy, many women really thinks of being a prostitute while they engage in lovemaking with their partners. However, few women are afraid that their men will treat them differently outside the bedroom as well.

4.Long oral sex
Yes. Women do like oral sex in and they think of having it every time. Additionally they want you be vocal enough to tell them how you like it when she’s down there.

5.She wants you to love her entire body
While it can also be a sex tip, women do like it when their partners focus on their entire bodies and not just 1-2 parts. They want you to lick from their ankles to their back. Kissing on their thighs and wrists on neck can arouse a woman instantly.

By Prajakt K.

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