Top Tips to Deal With Rejection In Relationships

September 28, 2016 17:39
Top Tips to Deal With Rejection In Relationships

It is a tough time when you hear a ‘no’ in relationship. You need to act maturely and positively to get through from the situation which can cause many problems if not treated well. You can get rejection in relationships in two situations. One, when you ask someone and that person says ‘no’ and second, when you are in relationship and suddenly you hear partner saying that things aren’t working out between you two.

Here are few suggestions to deal with rejection in relationships positively.

1.Don’t force it on yourself and your partner
Forcing the same thing persistently even after your partner has said ‘no’, will not only be affecting your own confidence but you might end up proving yourself a guy who doesn’t have respect for himself in front of your the person you were proposing.

2.Treat It positively
If you are a person who got dumped in a relationship, then its natural to get hurt a bit more. But treat it positively and remember that just because your relationship has ended, doesn’t mean you undermine your integrity and self-respect.

3.Stay Away from self-pity thinking
Don’t let yourself think that you’re not good enough anymore just because your relationship has ended. It only affects your confidence level but it also can affect your future relationships.

4.Think about it
Its good to think when you both get separated from each other from a relationship so that you can find out the real reason behind what went wrong between you two and not repeating the same mistakes in your future relationships.

5.Be normal
Although it might be difficult to be normal once you face rejection in a relationship, you need to understand that its not an apocalypse you can still lead a happy life with your friends and family and concentrate on your career.

By Prajakt K

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