Signs That He’s Cheating On You

October 17, 2016 17:43
Signs That He’s Cheating On You

In a relationship, cheating on the partner and breaking the trust are sins. Not every woman always know that her man or boyfriend is cheating on her. To help these women, we bring you simple signs your man will show if he is cheating on you.

These are the signs.

1.Your man spends more time on phone than with you and takes it everywhere he goes. He refuses to tell you the password of his cellphone.

2.If your man starts to avoid being alone in the same room with you, he might be having an affair outside as being along with you in the room can make him uncomfortable as he knows he has done something wrong.

3.If he tries to give you more explanation than needed, notice the sign as he hiding something from you and has already though all details to cover it up. His explanations may even sound rehearsed.

4.According to a study conducted by an university, people can guess if their partners are cheating just by observing them. So go with your feeling if you are observing anything fishy, even though you don’t have any evidences.

5.If he’s deleting his text messages, consider something wrong as people just don’t delete text messages these days and if he is doing so, he’s hiding something from you.

By Prajakt K.

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