5 Things Women Want In Her Husband Before Getting Married

June 02, 2016 15:29
5 Things Women Want In Her Husband Before Getting Married

Unlike the old times, nowadays, it’s absolutely okay if you are not married after the usual age of marriage. Women, today, wants to get mingle with the person who’ll tick all the boxes of their requirements. If a person is not good at any one them, according to women, they will not hesitate to stop thinking on him and to explore for other prospective marriage partner. To help the guys, we are giving you a list of what exactly women wants in their to be husband, check them out to get passed in the test...

1. Confidence
Confidence is the key. Women always wants to be protected by someone who according to them can take care of them and can resolve any problems. For that, it’s highly necessary to be confident enough to attract the female partner. Although women want their man to be confidant, over aggressive or dominant won’t work every time.

2. Looks
Women, indeed are much fairer than men. And a woman always wants her man to look perfectly. It’s not looks in conventional manner, it’s about how you carry yourself. That’s what women are concentrating on. Men who wear clothes perfectly, who is well-groomed and works a bit on his body is what women are looking for.

3. Positivity
Positivity is again an important factor. A positivity of a person is contagious and can be inspiring and highly energizing. Women will always want to be with a person who’ll motivate her in her bad and inspire to work hard. A motivating and an optimistic husband is always a basic need for a wife.

4. Sense of Humor
It’s true that women like the man who can make her smile. A good sense of humor is always good to impress a woman. Woman want a person whom she can have fun with. But only making a joke is not good humor at all. You’ve to be ready to take the jokes on you funnily, that’s what women will always like.

5. Economically Stable
Let’s face it, money is important. To lead a happy, comfortable life in a usual way, it’s highly required to have money. Women does want men to be economically stable. And this does not mean that you should be millionaire. An independent man earning enough is what women want. They don’t want your money, they just just you to be not dependent on anybody.

By Prajakt K.

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