'surprise' your husband and express your love

December 24, 2012 13:38
'surprise' your husband and express your love

A sweet surprise that attracts your husband’s attention will definitely enhance the mood for more love and romance in a relationship… here are simple ways that will not take much money or time, to surprise your husband, and if followed, these will definitely have a positive impact on your relationship;
When you pack his lunch box/bag/iron his trousers/get ready his dress, just leave a simple note with these… it could be as simple as ‘take care of yourself’ or the magical words ‘I love you’… when your husband notices this note, he will for sure have a smile in his face that makes him think about your love and attention towards him.

When your husband just arrives home from a long day of work and relaxing, give him a good cup of coffee, switch off the lights and switch on that one single dim light… play his favorite music, in a soothing volume. This will make him get back his lost energy and your love will blossom for sure.
You can buy his favorite chocolates, the shirt or perfume or a watch he wanted to buy from quite some time and surprise him…

A love letter appreciating whatever he has done for you that can be the minute act possible; will definitely make wonders in your relationship…

You are expecting that ‘unconditional love’ from your partner… right? First start loving your partner unconditionally…

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