Lessons from men for women

November 05, 2012 18:58
Lessons from men for women

Although it is the combined effort of men and women that makes for a healthy relationship, there are many a times one needs to learn from the other and adopt them for a healthier relationship. Both of the sexes have few in common which leaves room for a lot to be learned on both sides.

Presenting the men's view on what women should learn from them, here is a short list of things that a man wants her woman to learn from them so they can lead a better life together.

Logical approach:  It is an undeniable fact that men use and apply logic to every part of their life, any decision or understanding the most basic things. They have thus developed an innate sense of logic which could be highly beneficial while making decisions. While woman might not agree, most of them do not base their decisions on logic but on a prior decision by someone they know or worse a few get carried away by their whims and fancies. Dealing with the latter kind is absolutely hard.

Drop the melodrama: Emotions are what makes humans “humans” but that doesn't mean every situation needs a strong emotion. Though men are blamed for being apathetic or indifferent in most situations, it is just that they are wise to choose whether or not to emote. They are only rational and more practical approaches to deal with situations at times.

Chillout and relax: Let small issues be small, and don't keep nagging about missed breakfasts for the whole day there after. Getting intense with smaller issues, though it shows care, could be one turn off for men. Though they tolerate it to some extent, in the long run it might hurt the relationship.

Limited Gossip: Men too enjoy gossip but not when unnecessary. Let it stay a controlled crime, actor Rahul Dev says. Though the fairer sex is proud of their ability to gossip regardless of the time and the issue, it is not a healthy act to be involved in.

Learn to laugh: Women have the humor sense the size of a peanut. If you can beat the heat of an issue by passing a casual comment which is not derogatory, you will have tough times tackling problems. Men love to have a woman with a sense of humor as much as women want to indulge with men who are witty and funny.

Finally stop living in your wonderland of dreams and step into reality. When a man tells you a harsh truth he is only being honest to you and hence take it positively. Don't expect him to flatter you always.

(AW- Anil)

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